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Click on the selections below to order your 2017 v9.1 Red Wagon Tutorials DVD course disc.  Be sure to tell us the course you want to purchase by using the drop down box provided.  Cost of the DVD disc is $150.


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RWT Copyright:  Once purchased, the DVD/Flash Drive/eBook is licensed to your family and you may use it for any of your children.  You may not use it for students outside your family unit, however.  You are paying tuition to use this disc/drive/book.  The disc/drive/book is yours to keep.  You may not share its contents.  Your sons and daughters are covered under your family license, but your friends, co-op group, classmates, etc. each need to buy their own course program DVD disc or flash drive or eBook.  The items on the disc/drive/book are copyrighted and may not be distributed to or reproduced for those not cover under the family license.  By your purchase, you acknowledge that Red Wagon Tutorials owns all rights, title, and interest in and to all lectures and course materials - all of which are protected by copyright laws and shall not be resold, shared, copied, recorded, or reproduced by any means for any purpose.

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