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Have the Course DVD, Flash Drive, or e-Notebook?  Don’t want to grade your student's Tests or Exams?  Want to test your student online like he or she were part of the live-feed or online recorded program?  Here is a deal for you!  We will grant you access to the online tests and exams used in our highly acclaimed online program and grade those tests and exams for you for only $100.  You get access to 16 Module Tests, 2 Quarter Exams, 2 Semester Exams, and an end of the year Comprehensive Exam and grading support for this one small fee. General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Biology/Human Anatomy, and Physics are currently available.  


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Refund Policy:  This product is like a box of chocolates: once the password is activated, it can't be deactivated.  Thank you for carefully and prayerfully considering this product before you purchase.