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Admission Requirements


Before you continue with your registration, please read the following twelve questions.  If you answer “No” to any of the following items, please contact Mr. Rosenoff directly before continuing with registration.  His office hours are 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Eastern Time, on Monday and Wednesday and Friday.  His office phone telephone number is 360-347-1799.  His e-mail address is rwt1@comcast.net.  

1.  Will your student be concurrently enrolled in or will he or she have completed Geometry and Trigonometry prior to beginning this course?  (According to research, success in chemistry at this level and math ability goes hand-in-hand.)


2.  Has your student mastered the introductory concepts covered in a Christ- centered, pre-college biology course, including basic laboratory procedures and experiment report writing?  (Please see the text Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd, by Dr. Jay Wile for guidance as to basic curriculum covered in the biology course.)

3.  Can your student write a complete sentence answer (one which includes a subject, verb, and completing thought) to a Study Guide or Test essay question?


4.  Does your student have a basic understanding of bibliographic citation and have the ability to produce a two to three page laboratory experiment report following a standard documentation style?

5.  Does your student have (or can he or she be taught by you before September) basic computer literacy, including knowledge of how to download files, load web pages, open and create e-mail attachments in Word 2010 or Adobe PDF format, spell check a document using spell check software, and how to copy from a Word 2010 document and paste information to a website template? (These are not skills I teach in class.)


6.  Do you have the means to purchase the text Exploring Creation With Chemistry, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Jay Wile and its accompanying Solutions and Tests Manual or the Exploring Creation With Chemistry CD-ROM complete course?  There is an on-line text available during the school year; however, this does not take the place of the required course materials.  The course materials are available through Apologia Educational Ministries, www.apologia.com.   


7. Can your student complete the following assessments within a two week period: 20 – 30 pages of Module reading, one set of parent-graded Module Study Guide questions, one instructor-graded formal type-written lab report per quarter, all remaining Module experiment activities in a parent-checked and instructor-recorded paper and ink laboratory report notebook, and complete an instructor-graded online Module Test at the end of each Module?  (There will also be an instructor-graded online semester exam at the end of first and second semesters.)


8.  Do you have the means to acquire the required laboratory supplies?  Laboratory work is an important endeavor in your child’s overall grade and education and must be completed.  Laboratory supplies for this course are obtained from common household and pantry items, hunting and gathering activities, and by purchasing a Laboratory Equipment set through a commercial source specified in the Laboratory Equipment section at the front the Wile's text.

9.  Is your student disciplined enough to submit required work on time?  All class assignments, including the required Parent Notebook Reports, are due by 6:00 PM, Eastern Time, on the date indicated in the schedule I will provide.  NOTE: 6:01 PM, Eastern Time, starts a new day and I will subtract 10% per day for each day late if your work arrives at or after that time.


10.  Is your student mature enough to come to class prepared every day, which means all assigned readings read, all required exercises finished, and all assigned labs completed?

11. Is your student extroverted enough to participate in a classroom setting?  Daily participation in class is also required.  Students are expected to ask questions, participate in discussions, and generate and share ideas.


12. Is your student without a special educational need or academic disability?  (Having a special need or disability does not preclude your student from attending.  I simply want to make sure this class will be the best environment for your student before you continue registration.)


Again, if you answered “No” to any of the above questions, please contact Mr. Rosenoff directly before continuing with registration.  His office hours are 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Eastern Time, on Monday and Wednesday and Friday.  His office phone telephone number is 360-347-1799.  His e-mail address is rwt1@comcast.net.


By continuing with registration at this point, you are acknowledging that you have answered “Yes” to the above questions and that your student meets the minimum requirements for the course.  If this is indeed your intent, please click on the link below and continue your registration.


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