Canít attend the live class at the appointed time?  We make the class recording available the same day itís taught.  Now you can go to the class live or attend class via the recording at a time that is convenient to you.Same cost and same features for either program.


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Live-Feed Science Course Offering Contains†††††


Here is what you get with the live-feed program taught September through May each school year via a weekly live scheduled broadcast:

32 90 minute GoToMeeting Teleconference presentations

32 MP4-HD 60-90 minute video presentations for review
32 Fill-in-the-Blank lecture note sets
32 Teacher lesson notes with links
16 Formal experiment report samples
21 Test and Exam Reviews
16 Module Tests and answers
01 1st Quarter Exam and answers
01 1st Semester Exam and answers
01 3rd Quarter Exam and answers
01 2nd Semester Exam and answers
01 Comprehensive Exam and answers
01 Assignment Supplement
01 Course Schedule
01 Parent Agreement
01 Online 24/7 Grade Card

The live-feed program has a one school year (September 1st to June 15th) access limit for the licensed student: we download all course materials each June in preparation for the new school year and our new student population.The live-feed classes are taught on a weekly basis during the school year: a course schedule will be provided. 
We grade your student's tests, exams, and formal lab reports. We research and use the most current videos and web information for our online classes and update the notes each September for the live presentations.  Cost is $400.  These classes are available only through Red Wagon Tutorials.  This is a per student tuition-based program: not for co-op, online, private, or public school use.Click on the links below to see course availability and meeting days/times:



2017 Live-Feed Cleoís Classroom Information

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Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player or QuickTime for PC or MAC, high-speed Internet connection, and speakers are required for this program. The GoToTraining presentation for this program is viewed in an Internet browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.Video is iPad/tablet compatible.Health and Fitness, Earth Science, Astronomy, and Biochemistry do not require a textbook: we provide the readings for the student in the presentation media.


Copyright:The program is licensed to the enrolled student.You may not use it for other students in your family unit or outside your family.You are paying tuition to use this.You may not share its contents.Siblings are not covered under your licensing agreement; nor are your friends, co-op group, classmates, etc.Every person using the materials needs to pay the required tuition.The items used in this presentation are copyrighted and may not be distributed to or reproduced for those not covered under your use license.By payment of your tuition, you acknowledge that Red Wagon Tutorials owns all rights, title and interest in and to all lectures and course materials - all of which are protected by copyright laws and shall not be resold, shared, copied, recorded, or reproduced by any means for any purpose.The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.Piracy is a crime, and it does not honor God.


Web Site Availability:  We make no guarantee that the web sites or video links we visit or reference in the class notes or in the presentation will be available for this program with the first use or subsequent uses.  Web sites and video links change and disappear.  We cannot guarantee web site or video link availability in a live-feed or an online recorded course.


Refund Policy:  Refunds will not be provided.  This program is like a box of chocolates: there is no way to return it once opened.  Please use the online example to evaluate the program prior to purchasing:Module Sample. Do not register for the purpose of evaluation.


Please be sure to store the course materials in a safe place and make a backup copy to some kind of storage media: DVD or flash drive.  Red Wagon Tutorials will not replace the materials if the files become corrupted or are accidently deleted.


*For best viewing a 1680x1050 resolution should be used.Smaller resolution can be used, but you will need to decrease the size of the presentation window, which makes the image smaller.