Honors Physics


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Set up Requirements


1.  Hardware:  Participation in the class requires at least a Pentium IV 1GHz PC with 512 MB RAM, a full-duplex audio card, and a USB headset with microphone is recommended.  A video camera is not necessary.  The GoToTraining conferencing software used for class will support Mac OS 10.4 or higher as well.


2.  Internet:  The live class requires a reliable cable, DSL, or satellite Internet connection that delivers 1 Mbps or better download and upload speeds.  Satellite systems have connection issues that may prevent the conferencing software from working reliably.  Satellite users must use extra care in testing the conferencing software prior class starting.


3.  Operating System:  Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, or higher is required.


4.  Browser:  MS Internet Explorer, Mac Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (latest version by platform) is necessary for class.


5.  Software Firewalls and Filters:  All of the popular software firewalls and parental filters can be configured for the GoToTraining conferencing software.  Mr. Rosenoff does not provide any assistance with this configuration.  Please see your firewall and filter documentation for configuration assistance.


6.  Antivirus Utility:  Families must run antivirus software on their incoming and outgoing email.  Norton Internet Security package works well for protecting incoming and outgoing email and it is the utility that Mr. Rosenoff uses.


7.  Adobe Acrobat Reader:  All families must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version 11.0 or higher installed on their computers.


8.  Unzipping Utility:  Families need to have an unzipping file decompression utility such as WinZip for Mr. Rosenoff's classes.  Windows 7 comes with this capability built in and requires no separate utility be purchased.


9.  Word processing: Assignments MUST be saved and submitted as Microsoft Word 2010 or newer docx documents or as Adobe PDF documents. Documents processed in Open Office or other word processing programs will not be accepted.  If you do not have Microsoft Word 2010 or newer on your computer, please submit your written lab report assignments as Adobe PDF documents.


10.  Laboratory Supplies:  A complete list of required laboratory supplies can be found on the Apologia Science web site.  Those of you who do not elect to complete the optional microscope experiments can delete these items from the list.


11.  Office Supplies:  Three-ring notebook, paper, pens, and 16 dividers.  You should make a portfolio of all your complete assignments for this course.  Computer paper, printer, and lots of ink cartridges may be required.  You are free to make one copy of my handouts and put them in your notebook but these are copyrighted materials and not for general distribution. 


12.  Textbooks: This course utilizes the Exploring Creation with Physics, textbook by Dr. Jay L. Wile and its accompanying Solutions Manual.


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