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Four things to remember about the used curriculum/DVD/Flash Drive market:


1. The used media seller is selling an out-of-date version of the product in most cases. The reason RWT produces a new version each year is that about 1/4 of the websites used in the production of the prior year's disc will not be available for the second years use. We try to give you the best materials to utilize, so we produce a new version each year.


2. Most businesses will not provide customer service for any re-sold item. The re-seller needs to service what they sell. Damage related to shipping of the product is generally the re-seller's responsibility. RWT will not support re-sold discs. It just is not a profitable use of our time. Version 1.0 and 2.0 DVDs are currently out of stock and have been for two years. We will no longer support these products on either the Apologia or RWT label.


3. Re-selling takes money away from the Christian author who wrote and produced the materials. Authors have to be able to support their families if they are to keep producing materials for homeschooling families to use. The more re-selling that goes on, the less the author has to live on. Eventually, authors stop producing the materials and move on to other pursuits because generating their product is no longer profitable. Due to re-selling, RWT will most probably be dropping Marine Biology, Advanced Biology, and General Science from its product line in 2013.


4. Re-selling of our copyrighted materials is also a violation of RWTs posted use/license agreement.


Hopefully this information has been helpful. Please pray for direction and do the next right thing when purchasing.


God Bless,


Steve Rosenoff


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