On Friday, March 8, 2013, Cleo had a wonderful day greeting all her chemistry students. When classes were over she went for a nice long ride in the car to the post office. She hung her head out of the car window and smiled at all who passed by. She and I followed up her ride with a walk in the park. She was so delighted that there were fresh deer droppings to smell and rabbit trails to follow. We drove home in the bright sunlight and worked in the garage for a while sorting DVDs and getting discs ready to mail. The garbage guy came by for his usual pick up. Much to Cleo’s delight, he threw her a milk bone from his truck window. We came back in from our garage work and laid down for a short nap together on the big old guest bed. When we got up, I answered e-mails and processed video - while my faithful “DA” lay on her little bed. Mrs. R came home from visiting her mom and there was much doggy joy in her returning. We all ate dinner. Cleo climbed up on the couch next to Mrs. R in her usual spot. It was a wonderful day. Cleo got down off the couch, went outside to potty, and trotted off to bed. During the night our “little angel” went to be with Jesus. We don’t know why or how. She simply passed in her sleep.  Cleo was only seven years old.


Cleo taught us courage in the face of great suffering; endurance in the presence of overwhelming adversity; and demonstrated to us an overcoming spirit that took on everything that life could throw at her and she persevered. She gave love unending and without reservation to everyone she met and everyone was her friend. She never met a person she did not like.  She was the neighborhood “golden girl.” She will be missed, but her spirit will live on in our classes and in our lives. Classes will continue as scheduled into the future. Cleo would not have it any other way. It is, after all, Cleo’s Classroom.  She was and is the class mascot for over 38,000 students worldwide.