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“Thank you so much for all the time you took to make biology fun and interesting to me. Your classes were the first time I enjoyed science. Because of your classes, I plan on going on to medical school.”
—Karen D. (Former Student; Now MD/PhD)

“Two of my children have taken high school science courses taught by Steven Rosenoff—they both did exceptionally well. He is an EXCELLENT teacher who is thorough and dedicated. His teaching approach was designed to be college preparatory in nature, and they contributed greatly to our sons ability to meet strict criteria, submit assignments on time, and provide the details required in their assignments, labs, and tests. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steven Rosenoff as a science teacher. He is a teacher of principle and excellence, committed to providing a well-rounded and thorough education to his students, one that will prepare them for post-secondary education and the real world.”
—Cheryl R.

“Red Wagon Tutorials is like a mom-and-pop store. They get to know their parents and students. Experience and warmth matter most . . . Mr. R. has been faithful to teach now for twenty-three years. That speaks volumes about his dedication to his students, the RWT program, and the Lord's ministry! We have listened to him time and time again draw correlations between God's love for us and His Creation. There is no doubt this program is Spirit led. We are on our fourth student's journey through the RWT program, and we could not be more satisfied. This will be our last year with RWT. We are at the end of homeschooling journey. All our children will be finished this year. Life here will be somewhat lessened without Mr. R. and Mrs. R. in it. Their laughter will be missed. Thank you for the years of service to our family.”
—Scott, Megan, Brittany, Andrew, Karl, and Sarah

“Some teachers are good, fewer still are great, and only a handful are what I would call Master Teachers. Steve Rosenoff is, without a doubt, a Master Teacher . . . Mr. Rosenoff really cares. His students see and experience the love of Christ through him . . . Thank you, Steve. Thank you for caring for your students. Thank you for ministering to your students . . . But most of all, thank you for what you have taught me, your student.”
—Dr. Jay L. Wile